1793.029: Petition of Inhabitants of Augusta County.

Published: 1793

Full Title: Staunton, September 3d, 1793. Considering it the duty of the people of this district, to declare their principles and opinions ... a respectable number having met for that purpose, appointed Alexander St. Clair, Esquire, to the chair. Archibald Stuart, Esquire, presented a number of resolutions, which after a discussion, were unanimously adopted, as the sense of the present meeting. …

Author: Inhabitants of Augusta County

Place Issued: Staunton

Issuing Press: William Throckmorton

Description: 1 sheet [1pg.]; 22 cm. x 9 cm. (broadside).


Signed in print by Alexander St. Clair, chairman. Archibald Stuart, secretary; text presents six numbered resolutions to the October 1793 Assembly, drafted by James Madison and James Monroe, supporting France in the Anglo-French War that erupted after the execution of Louis XVI in January 1793, a position consistent with the conditions of the 1777 treaties with France that sustained the United States during the Revolutionary War, though counter to the policy advocated by Alexander Hamilton and his supporters. Sheet lacks printer credit; William Throckmorton had opened a printing office in Staunton a year earlier, so this title undoubtedly issued from his press; while considered a broadside, it came from a sheet about 20 cm. square folded in half to provide a docket/cover page.

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