1793.008: Examination of the Late Proceedings in Congress.

Published: 1793

Full Title: An examination of the late proceedings in Congress, respecting the official conduct of the secretary of the Treasury.

Author: Taylor, John (1753-1824).

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Samuel Pleasants & Co.

Description: 28 pgs.; 22 cm. (8vo).


Criticizes Hamilton's fiscal policy, particularly his advocacy for a central bank, deemed here to be unconstitutional, but authorized by the 2nd Congress at Hamilton's behest. Imprint states simply: "Printed within the United States." Dated in text: "United States, 8th March, 1793." Paul Leicester Ford attributed text to John Taylor of Caroline; Evans assigned printer credit to Samuel Pleasants in Richmond, in part, from Ford's attribution.

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