1792.025: Town Lots for Sale in Woodstock, Pennsylvania.

Published: 1792

Full Title: Town of Woodstock. Whereas I John Hopwood, of Fayette-County, and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, have surveyed and laid out into convenient lots or parcels, for the purpose of erecting a town thereon, the quantity of two hundred acres of land, being part of that tract of land on which I now live, situate in Union Township ...

Author: Hopwood, John (1745-1802).

Place Issued: Martinsburg

Issuing Press: Nathaniel Willis

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 42 cm. x 25 cm. (broadside, printed in two columns).


Undated imprint of Nathaniel Willis; authorities generally date this title erroneously to 1791 based on a reprinting herein of the town charter issued in November 1791; yet, Willis did not establish his press in Martinsburg until November 1792, hence the date assigned here. Some authorities report that Hopwood was not successful in this venture, as they could not find further record of this Fayette County town. Yet Woodstock has survived into the present day; it was renamed Monroe in 1816, during the Virginian's presidential campaign, and then as Hopwood in 1881, when the state government learned two Pennsylvania municipalities were named Monroe; the town continues today under the appellation honoring its founder.

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