1788.034: Act for Appointment of Presidential Electors.

Published: 1788

Full Title: [An act for the appointment of electors to choose a president, pursuant to the constitution of the government of the United States].

Author: Virginia. General Assembly. House of Delegates.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: Unrecorded


House ordered act printed separately from session laws, but no copy is now known extant. Swem recorded the bill from which this act was drawn, attributing that title to the press of John Dixon (1788.032); as he did not see a copy of this imprint, he did not assign credit for its production or number it in his listing, hence the indeterminate origin reported here. Reprinted as Chap. I of Acts of October 1788 in Hening's Statutes (XII: 648-653).

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