1788.031: Circular Letter covering Constitutional Convention Resolution.

Published: 1788

Full Title: Virginia, to wit: In General Assembly, Friday, the 20th November, 1788. Resolved, that an application be made, in the name and on behalf of the legislature of this commonwealth, to the Congress of the United States, in the words following, to wit: "The good people of this commonwealth in convention assembled, having ratified the Constitution ..."

Author: Virginia. General Assembly.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 23 cm. x 19 cm. (broadside).


Letter sent to the executive in the other states of the Union covering the enclosed resolution of the Assembly on the matter (1788.029); that resolution was driven by recommendations from the Virginia Ratification Convention in June 1788; that body had ratified the 1787 Constitution, despite concerns about the absence of a declaration of individual rights and protections for state sovereignty, expecting that such concerns would be addressed by amendments; here they ask that those changes be made by a new convention of the states, rather than by Congressional acts sent to the states for individual ratification. Sheet lacks printer credit. Swem attributes title to the press of John Dixon, then the official public printer; but his office was beset with production delays, leading the General Assembly to divide the work required among the three existing Richmond presses, conducted by Dixon, Augustine Davis, and Thomas Nicolson, for this session and its three predecessors (Oct. 1786, Oct. 1787, June 1788). Absent supporting documentation, the specific press issuing this title cannot be determined.

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