1786.016: State of the Public Taxes for 1786.

Published: 1786

Full Title: State of the public taxes, payable for the year 1786, within the Commonwealth of Virginia. L. Wood, Jun. Sol. Richmond, Solicitor's Office, July 6, 1786 ... ; J. Ambler, Treasurer, Treasury-Office, July 10, 1786.

Author: Virginia. Treasurer's Office.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Dixon & Holt

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 19 cm. x 32 cm. (broadside).


Sheet lacks printer credit; this report was published in the Virginia Gazette and Independent Chronicle of Dixon & Holt on August 16, 1786 as part of their duties as public printer; as a public document, this item was also their responsibility, hence the attribution here. The University of Virginia reports two other copies of this report. One carries the colophon of James Hayes; however, the firm of Dunlap & Hayes was dismissed as public printer on May 5, 1786, a result of their perceived negligence (tardy production of Assembly records); thus that item is likely miscataloged. A second is twice the size of this imprint (42 cm. x 34 cm.) and dated January 1787; that item is a revision of the July report that was printed during the Assembly session of October 16, 1786 to January 11, 1787 (see 1787.003).

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