1785.006: Address to Citizens of Botetourt and Montgomery.

Published: 1785

Full Title: To the freeholders and inhabitants of the counties of Botetourt and Montgomery. Gentlemen, Actuated by the same motives which first induced us to engage in your service, we now beg leave to call your attentions to a subject, to which, from your local situation ... you must hitherto have been strangers. We mean the state of our public debts. ... In order, gentlemen, to give you a more perfect idea of your proportion of the national debt ... and of your balances of taxes which are still due, we have subjoined the following concise table. ...

Author: Breckinridge, John (1760-1806) and Archibald Stuart (1757-1832).

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 19 cm. by 25 cm. (broadside).


Sheet lacks printer credit; dated in manuscript "January 5th. 1785," two days before the October 1784 Assembly adjourned. As the authors were delegates in that Assembly, this imprint is clearly a Richmond one; however, the typography fails to indicate the issuing press. A joint address to their constituents by delegates from Botetourt (Stuart) and Montgomery (Breckenridge) counties, evidently issued in response to suggestions of a movement in the western parts of the state to secede from Virginia over the new taxes needed to repay war-time debts. Date of issue suggests that both men were concerned about the political effect of the recent report on the scale of the public debt published the week before (1785.001).

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