1782.009: Petition from Citizens of Fairfax County.

Published: 1782

Full Title: To the honorable the speakers of the two houses of the General Assembly, of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the honorable members thereof, now sitting. The humble petition of the subscribers, inhabitants of the County of Fairfax, most humbly sheweth: that your petitioners conceive themselves, as well as many other citizens of the Commonwealth, much injured by the great decay of trade, we therefore wish to call the attention of the Legislature to its deplorable situation, because we apprehend the welfare of our country depends, in a great measure, on a flourishing commerce. …

Author: Citizens of Fairfax County.

Place Issued: Alexandria

Issuing Press: George Richards & Co.

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 36 cm. x 34 cm. (broadside).


A petition asking that the duties on imports be reduced; original in Virginia state archive has additional signature sheets attached that were not filmed by Early American Imprints Series. Sheet lacks printer credit; as petition came from merchants in Alexandria, Bristol reported that locale as the place of its publication; he also reported its date of its presentation to the Assembly as May 27, 1782. That date is roughly when a press was established at Alexandria by George Richards; however, that office was an adjunct to the Baltimore office of William Goddard (1740-1817), his mentor; work passed between the two locales until 1784, making this title a possible Maryland imprint. Designated press and place conform to Bristol here.

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