1779.012: Proceedings of Williamsburg Town Meetings of July 1779.

Published: 1779

Full Title: Wednesday, July 14, 1779. Williamsburg to wit: Ever attentive to the interests of their country, jealously concerned for its welfare, and justly alarmed at the critical situation in which America stands, some publick spirited inhabitants of this city, having maturely considered the premises, are of the opinion, that from the present alarming depreciated state of our paper currencies, the exorbitant prices of all the articles and necessaries of life, imported or manufactured, and the dangerous practices of monopolizers, forestallers, engrossers, consequent and inevitable ruin will ensue, unless by tireless and spirited exertions of the independent and patriotick friends of the country, a speedy and effectual remedy is applied to these great and growing evils, … have therefore determined to call for ... a town-meeting, to be held at the town courthouse to-morrow, at 10 o'clock

Author: Publick Spirited Inhabitants of Williamsburg.

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: Dixon & Nicolson

Description: 1 sheet [2 pgs.]; (broadside, printed front and back).


Sheet lacks printer credit; attributed to press of Dixon & Nicolson by Evans; the typography herein is consistent with their work. Summary of call for and resolves adopted by town meetings of July 14 and 16, 1779; these meetings set fixed prices for manufactured goods and provisions in face of rampant inflation of state's paper currency and consequent decrease of its buying value; John Dixon, recently mayor, is named as one member of the ad hoc committee enforcing price rules adopted.

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