1775.027: Circular Letter Concerning Dunmore's Proclamation.

Published: 1775

Full Title: Sir, As the Committee of Safety is not sitting, I take the liberty to enclose you a copy of the proclamation issued by Lord Dunmore; : the design and tendency of which, you will observe, is fatal to the publick safety. An early and unremitting Attention to the Government of Slaves may, I hope, counteract this dangerous Attempt. Constant, and well directed Patrols, seem indispensably necessary. I doubt not of every possible Exertion, in your Power, for the publick Good; … P. Henry. Head-Quarters, Williamsburg, November 20, 1775.

Author: Henry, Patrick (1736-99), militia commander.

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: Alexander Purdie

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; (broadside).


Henry informs the county militia commanders of Dunmore's offer of emancipation to all slaves who rallied to the King's standard and suggests energetic slave patrols were needed. Sheet lacks printer credit; Evans ascribed title to the press of John Pinckney; but Alexander Purdie was printer to the convention that established the Committee of Safety the preceding July, so also the most likely producer of this circular.

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