1775.002: Proclamation of March 21, 1775.

Published: 1775

Full Title: By His Excellency the Right Honourable John Earl of Dunmore, His Majesty's lieutenant and governor general of the colony and dominion of Virginia, and vice admiral of the same: a proclamation. Virginia, to wit. Whereas His Majesty did, at the request of the Assembly of this colony, permit the western boundary thereof to be extended as the same has been run and ascertained by Colonel Donelson, and other surveyor, … and whereas his Majesty … ordered that all that Tract of Land … be put up for public sale … And whereas Advice has been received, that on Richard Henderson, and other disorderly Persons, his Associates, under Pretense of a Purchase made from the Indians, contrary to aforesaid Orders, … if the said Henderson, or others … shall take Possession of, or occupy any Land within the Limits … that he or they be required … forthwith to depart … and in case of Refusal ..he or they may be immediately finded or imprisoned ... Given under my hand, and the seal of this colony, the 21st day of March, in the 15th year of His Majesty's reign.

Author: Dunmore, John Murray, Earl of (1732-1809), governor.

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: Dixon & Hunter

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 40 cm. x 32 cm. (broadside).


Dunmore here ordering compliance with his authority to grant land in the region secured by the Treaty of Camp Charlotte, which ended "Dunmore's War" on October 1774, and arrest of illegal settlers, particularly one Richard Henderson, who acquired land in Kentucky though a "purchase" from the Delaware natives there. Bristol credits this imprint to Dixon & Hunter, who printed several items for Dunmore in early 1775; he then thought the presses of Alexander Purdie and John Pinkney to be in the control of the dissident colonists challenging crown and parliamentary authority in Virginia, and so chose not patronize either of them.

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