1774.031: Express from Lord Dunmore at Camp Charlotte.

Published: 1774

Full Title: By an express from his excelleny [sic] the governor we have an account of the following speeches between His Excellency and the Six Nations and Delawares. At a council held with the Indians: present His Excellency the Right Honourable the Earl of Dunmore, lieutenant and governor of Virginia, &c. Alexander M'Kee, Esquire, deputy agent, &c. Indians: Delawares, King Custologa [Cornstalk], Captain White Eyes, and Pluggy, a Six Nation chief, and sundry others. ...

Author: Dunmore, John Murray, Earl of (1732-1809), governor.

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: John Pinkney

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; (broadside).


Only known copy held by the Public Record Office in London was transmitted to the Lords of Trade by Dunmore in his dispatch of December 24, 1774. That lengthy report summarized and defended his actions in prosecuting "Lord Dunmore's War" (from May to October 1774) against the Shawnee and Delaware peoples of the Ohio country; the conflict was ended by a peace council at a temporary camp in modern-day Pickaway County, Ohio known as Camp Charlotte. Herein Dunmore provided a partial transcription of the speeches made at that council which resulted in the Treaty of Camp Charlotte of October 19, 1774. This broadside was evidently produced before Dunmore's return to Williamsburg in early December 1774, and was one of several attachments to his formal report to his superiors. "Printed by John Pinkney, for the benefit of Clementina Rind's Children." Clementina Rind died September 25, 1774, leaving her press in the hands of John Pinkney, her shop foreman; he also served as the guardian of her children during the probating of her and her husband's estate; William Rind had died in August 1773. Some bibliographers silently emend this printer's name to Pinckney, the spelling commonly used by the noted South Carolina family; yet he used the Pinkney spelling in his imprints.

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