1774.023: Instructions for Deputies to the Continental Congress.

Published: 1774

Full Title: Instructions for the deputies appointed to meet in General Congress on the part of this colony.

Author: Virginia. Convention of August 1774 (First Convention).

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: Clementina Rind

Description: 4 pgs.; 24 cm. (4to).


Drafted in early August 1774 during the Williamsburg meetings known today as the "First Virginia Convention." Author is sometimes reported as the General Assembly, but such had been dissolved by Governor Dunmore in May 1774; he had not called for a new Assembly as a result of the subsequent call for a general congress of colonial representatives that same month. Being in the Ohio country during this meeting, Dunmore could not prevent the Convention from electing Peyton Randolph, Richard Henry Lee, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Richard Bland, Benjamin Harrison, and Edmund Pendleton to represent the colony in Philadelphia in September 1774 – four weeks later. Title page lacks printer credit; typography consistent with that of the press of Clementina Rind, thus the attribution here; this title is possibly the last non-newspaper imprint from her press before her death on September 25th. Evans erroneously dated this item as a 1773 imprint by also inaccurately reporting the date of the meeting of the First Continental Congress as September 1773; thus he also attributed credit for printing this imprint to William Rind, who died August 19, 1773.

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