1774.013: Circular Letter Calling a Meeting on American Grievances.

Published: 1774

Full Title: Williamsburg, May 31, 1774. : Gentlemen, Last Sunday morning several letters were received from Boston, Philadelphia, and Maryland, on the most interesting and important subject of American grievances. The inhabitants of Boston seem to be in a most piteous and melancholy situation, and are doubtful whether they will be able to sustain the impending blow without the assistance and cooperation of the other colonies.

Author: Virginia. Committee of Correspondence.

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: [2 leaves]; 24 cm. (fol.)


Call for a meeting on August 1, 1774, of the Burgesses of last General Assembly to consider an association against exports to and imports from Britain – a non-intercourse agreement. It is signed by Speaker Peyton Randolph and 24 other members of the House of Burgesses; the first five subscribed names are the Burgesses assigned to the Committee of Correspondence formed by the House of Burgesses in March 1773. The ensuing meeting is known today as the "First Virginia Convention." Item lacks press credit; Clementina Rind was still the public printer on this date and was the publisher of imprints produced for the ad hoc committees preceding this one (see 1774.012); yet typography herein appears more like that seen in work issued from the Purdie & Dixon press, who produced much of the printing of the Revolutionary committees after Clementina Rind's September 1774 death. Thus the printer credit for this title is left unassigned.

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