1774.012: Protest of the Intolerable Acts, May 27, 1774.

Published: 1774

Full Title: An Association, signed by 89 members of the late House of Burgesses.

Author: Associators of May 1774.

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: Clementina Rind

Description: 1 sheet [2 pgs.]; 34.3 cm. x 20.6 cm. (fol.).


Letter protesting closing of Port of Boston and Parliament's assertion of right to tax American colonists; threatens new non-intercourse agreements if grievances are not resolved. Sheet lacks press credit; size and format replicates that of the replies to Dunmore's Assembly address of May 6, 1774 by the Council (1774.006) and House of Burgesses (1774.007), so was evidently issued from the Williamsburg press of Clementina Rind. Evans reports a second issue (#13748) printed by Alexander Purdie, but no copy now known.

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