1773.011: Virginia Almanack for the year of our Lord 1774.

Published: 1773

Full Title: The Virginia Almanack for the Year of our Lord 1774: Being the Second after Bissextlle, or Leap-Year. Containing The Days o!' the Week the Month; remarkable Days; Changes of the Weather; Rising and Setting of the Sun; the Place, Rising, and Setting of the Moon; the SouthIng of the Seven Stars; the Aspects of the Planets; Length of the Days and Nights; Eclipses, &.C. Also A 'List of his Majesty's Council, and of the House of Burgesses; a Table of Court Days: and a List of the Officers of his Majesty's Customs. – Likewise the following Entertainme1't. A Dissuasive against Libertinism; the Folly of Gaming; God considered as a Father, a Singular, Instance of Affection between Brutes; a very interesting Story; an Admonition to those who glory in seducing the Fair: the unnatural Son; the unfaithful Depositary; the industrious Roman; Thoughts on Travelling; a remarkable instance of Royal Humanity in King George the First; Verses on Friendship; the prudent Wife; mutual Forgiveness; and a great number of Jests and Anecdotes, entirely new. Together with many pieces of Poetry, Both new and entertaining. By the celebrated Mr. Rittenhouse, Philomath.

Author: Rittenhouse, David (1732-96).

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: William Rind

Description: [48 pgs.]; 19 cm. (12mo).


Imprint was evidently in press at time of Rind's death; first advertised in Rind's Gazette on September 16, 1773, four weeks after his death on August 19, 1773; so its final production was supervised by his widow and successor, Clementina Rind.

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