1772.007: Session Laws (February 1772: C).

Published: 1772

Full Title: Anno regni Georgii III. regis, Magnae, Brittaniae, Franciae, et Hiberniae, duodecimo. At a general assembly, begun and held at the capital, in the city of Williamsburg, on Monday, the tenth day of February, anno domini, one thousand seven hundred and seventy two, in the twelfth year of the reign of our sovereign lord Georg-e the third, by the grace of God, of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, king, defender of the faith, &c. being the first session of this present general assembly.

Author: Virginia. General Assembly.

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: William Rind

Description: 52 pgs.; 36 cm. (fol.)


First session (February 10 to April 11, 1772) of the Assembly of 1772-1774. Rind apparently produced four variants of this title; three versions were recorded by Sabin (nos. 100277, 100278, and 100279); two of those and one not recorded were filmed as part of the Early American Imprints series (nos. 12591, 12264, and 42384). The first variant (#100278) was dated 1772 and issued separately; Swem listed that variant (#22650), but it is the Sabin entry that was not among the filmed versions. The second variant (#100277) was dated 1771 and evidently intended to be bound with the acts of the July 1771 assembly (1771.006), then already issued, as it includes a full index for both collections of acts; Evans (#12591) listed that variant. The third variant duplicated the second with the exception that the title page is dated 1772; Evans (#12264) and Clayton-Torrence (#394) both listed that variant. The fourth and final variant (#100279) was bound with the acts of July 1771, however the typography after page 13 differs from the second and third variants; Bristol (#B3501) and Shipton & Mooney (#42384) both listed that variant. This imprint record is for the third variant described, designated here as Variant C.

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