1769.006: Revisal of the Laws, 1769.

Published: 1769

Full Title: The Acts of Assembly, now in force, in the colony of Virginia. With an exact table to the whole. Published by order of the General Assembly.

Author: Virginia. General Assembly.

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: William Rind, Alexander Purdie, and John Dixon.

Description: 578 pgs.; 35.5 cm. x by 22 cm. (fol.)


Third compilation of Virginia laws published in Williamsburg; Rind was public printer when the revisal was begun in 1766, but by 1768 it was clear to the Revisors (Peyton Randolph, John Randolph, Robert Carter Nicholas, and George Wythe) that his press office could not handle the scale and cost of its production; so Purdie & Dixon were engaged as the actual printers, although Rind retained publishing credit as a result of his official position. "An appendix, containing the titles of all private acts passed since the revisal in the year 1748, which are now in force, but not printed at large in this collection. The titles of all other private acts which were revised in 1748 may be found in the former edition of the laws, and therefore it is judged unnecessary to reprint them." [489].

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