1766.002: Inquiry into the Rights of the British Colonies.

Published: 1766

Full Title: An inquiry into the rights of the British colonies, intended as an answer to The regulations lately made concerning the colonies, and the taxes imposed upon them considered. In a letter addressed to the author of that pamphlet. By Richard Bland, of Virginia.

Author: Bland, Richard (1710-76).

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: Alexander Purdie & Co.

Description: 32 pgs.; 17.8 cm. x 11.7 cm.


Bland's response to the British pro-Stamp-Act tract The Regulations Lately made concerning the colonies, and the taxes imposed upon them, considered. (London: J. Wilkie, 1765) by Thomas Whatley (d. 1772). Clayton-Torrence incorrectly records this work as a response to The late regulations respecting the British colonies on the continent of America considered. (Philadelphia: William Bradford, 1765) by John Dickinson (1732-1808); that error is echoed in cataloguing records drawing on his Trial Bibliography of Colonial Virginia. Yet Bland's title fully and correctly transcribes the title of the Whatley title, rather than paraphrasing that of the Dickson one.

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