1764.007: The Rector Detected

Published: 1764

Full Title: The rector detected: being a just defense of the Two-penny act, against the artful misrepresentations of the Reverend John Camm, rector of York-Hampton, in his Single and distinct view. Containing also a plain confutation of his several hints, as a specimen of the justice and charity of Colonel Landon Carter. By Landon Carter, of Sabine-hall.

Author: Carter, Landon, 1710-1778.

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: Joseph Royle and Co.

Description: 40 pgs.; (4to)


Signed by Landon Carter, October 1763, Sabine Hall. Second pamphlet in a two-year long exchange over the legitimacy of the so-called "Two Penny Acts" – through which the Virginia legislature reduced the salaries of the colony's Anglican clergy – between the Rev. John Camm and Virginia planters Landon Carter and Richard Bland. This tract was issued in response to Camm's A single and distinct view of the act, vulgarly entitled, the Two-penny act; containing an account of it’s [!] beneficial and wholesome effects on York-Hampton parish. In which is exhibited a specimen of Col. Landon Carter’s justice and charity; as well as of Col. Richard Bland’s salus populi. (Annapolis: Jonas Green, 1763), the first in the series.

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