1763.001: Speech of the Governor to the General Assembly (May 1763).

Published: 1763

Full Title: The speech of the Honourable Francis Fauquier, Esq; His Majesty's lieutenant-governour, and commander in chief, of the colony and dominion of Virginia, to the General-Assembly, summoned to be held at the capitol, in the city of Williamsburg, on Tuesday, the 26th of May, in the 1st year of the reign of our sovereign Lord George III, by the grace of God, of Great-Britain, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith &c. and in the year of our Lord, 1761; and from thence continued, by several prorogations, to Thursday the 19th of May, 1763; and then held at the capitol, in the city of Williamsburg, being the fifth session of this present General-Assembly.

Author: Fauquier, Francis (1704-68), lieutenant governor.

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: Joseph Royle and Co.

Description: 4 pgs.; 31 cm. (fol.)


Address of the resident governor opening the Assembly session, setting out the legislative priorities of the imperial administration, delivered on May 19, 1763. Here Fauquier reported the displeasure of the Board of Trade with the Assembly's inability to stabilize the currency fluctuations caused by the issue of paper-money during the recent war, and so guarantee a non-inflated payment of debts owed to British merchants, as well as their expectation that the problem would be resolved in this Assembly session.

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