1759.009: Letter to the Bishop of London.

Published: 1759

Full Title: A letter to the Right Reverend Father in God the Lord-B-----p of L------n. Occasioned by a letter of His Lordship's to the L--ds of Trade, on the subject of the act of Assembly passed in the year 1758, intituled, An act to enable the inhabitants of this colony to discharge their publick dues, &c. in money for the ensuing year, from Virginia.

Author: Carter, Landon (1710-78).

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: William Hunter

Description: 58 pgs.; 21.5 cm. x 14 cm.


Response to Letter to the Lords of Trade dated June 14, 1759 by Rev. Thomas Sherlock (1678-1761), objecting to the Virginia Assembly allowing payments of public fees, taxes, and tithes in money (specie & notes) rather than in tobacco, as had been the practice previously. The text is dated December 1759 and signed by "A member of the Church of England." Attributed to Landon Carter based on his later statement in The Rector Detected (1764.007): "I thought myself obliged, in duty to my country (some years ago) to take notice of a most severe charge against the legislature in a letter from a late Bishop of London to the Board of Trade, on the subject of the act of Assembly ... vulgarly called the Two-penny act." Hunter was in England from June 1756 to July 1759; his office's production was handled by John Stretch during his absence.

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