1756.006: Speech of the Governor to the General Assembly (September 1756).

Published: 1756

Full Title: The speech of the Honorable Robert Dinwiddie, Esq. His Majesty's lieutenant-governor, and commander in chief, of the colony and dominion of Virginia; to the General Assembly, summoned to be held at the capitol, in the city of Williamsburg, on Thursday the 25th day of March, in the 29th year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord, George II. by the grace of God of Great-Britain, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c. and in the year of our Lord 1756: and from thence continued by prorogation, to Monday, the 20th day of September, 1756, in the 30th year of His Majesty's reign; and then held at the capitol, in the city of Williamsburg; being the second session of this present General Assembly.

Author: Dinwiddie, Robert (1693-1770), lieutenant governor.

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: William Hunter

Description: 4 pgs.; (fol.)


Address of the resident governor opening the Assembly session, setting out the legislative priorities of the imperial administration, delivered on September 20, 1756. As he did in the preceding four sessions, Dinwiddie asked the General Assembly to make a greater effort to raise the troops and money required to fight the French in the Ohio country. Hunter was in England from June 1756 to July 1759; his office's production was handled by John Stretch during his absence.

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