1756.001: Virginia's Danger and Remedy.

Published: 1756

Full Title: Virginia's Danger and Remedy. Two Discourses Occasioned by the severe Drought In Sundry Parts of the Country; and the Defeat of General Braddock.

Author: Davies, Samuel (1723-61).

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: William Hunter

Description: 52 pgs.; 16.5 cm. x 10.5 cm.


Preface dated "Hanover, August 4, 1755;" morning and afternoon sermons given that day. Postscript to the Preface: "Feb. 14, 1756. The following Discourses were sent to the Press a few Days after the News of the Defeat at Monongahala. But the Press being necessarily employed about other Things, and other unforeseen Obstructions happening In the Printers Way, the Publication was unavoidably delayed."

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