1749.003: An Explication of the Shorter Catechism.

Published: 1749

Full Title: An Explication of the Shorter catechism, composed by the Assembly of Divines, commonly called, the Westminster Assembly. : Wherein the several questions and answers of the said Shorter catechism, are resolved, divided, and taken apart into several under-questions and answers; in order to render the whole more plain and easy to be understood, not only by the young arising generation, but also, by the more weak and ignorant, of more advanced years; that they all may be helped forward in their growth in knowledge, and acquaintance with the doctrines of faith, and principles of our holy Protestant reformed Christian religion. By John Thomson, M.A. & V.D.M. in the County of Amelia

Author: Thomson, John (d. 1753).

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: William Parks

Description: pt. 1: 204 pgs.; pt. 2: 20 pgs.; 17.5 cm. x 11.5 cm. (8vo)


A two-part imprint, with separate title pages, but bound as one volume. Part 2 title page reads: "An Appendix, Containing the Articles of the Church of England. Agreed upon in a Convocation at London, in the Year 1552, in the Reign of Edward VI, and afterwards confirmed, promulgated, and ratified, in the Reigns of Queen Elizabeth, King James I, and King Charles I. And which, ever since, have been held and acknowledged to contain and express the Articles of Faith or Doctrine of the Christian Religion, as professed and taught in that Church: And which are here reduced into form of a Catechism; every Article having a suitable Question prefixed, unto which the Article following gives an Answer. Together with nine Assertions of Lambeth, composed in the year 1595, by the Archbishops and Bishops, &c of the Church. And also, an Extract of the Articles of the Church of Ireland, (i.e. Church of England in Ireland,) agreed upon by the principal Clergy of that Kingdom, in the Year 1615, in Dublin." This second part is recorded as imprint 1749.A03 in this Index.

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