1732.002: Dialogue between Thomas Sweet-Scented…

Published: 1732

Full Title: A dialogue between Thomas Sweet-Scented, William Oronoco, planters, both men of good understanding, and Justice Love-Country, who can speak for himself, recommended to the reading of the planters. By a sincere lover of Virginia.

Author: Gooch, William, Sir (1681-1751), lieutenant governor.

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: William Parks

Description: 20 pgs.; 20 cm. (4to).


Gooch was resident governor of Virginia. 1727-49, as lieutenant to absent appointees – first to George Hamilton, Earl Orkney, until 1737, then to William Anne Keppel, Earl Albemarle, until 1749. Authorship established by L. C. Wroth in "William Parks," (1926), quoting letter from Gooch to his London superiors: "The inclosed Dialogue which I put together and published for their better information just after those disturbances [the tobacco cutting riots of 1731] broke out has already done great service; and as the arguments were confined to that part of the law in which the poor planters are more nearly concerned, your Lordship will judge whether they have any reason to complain."

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