1731.001: Virginia and Maryland Almanack [1732]

Published: 1731

Full Title: The Virginia and Maryland Almanack. Shewing the time of sun rising and setting, length of days, new and full moon, eclipses, fixt and moveable feasts, seven stars rising and setting, weather, days of the several courts, &c. For the year of our Lord Christ, 1732

Author: Warner, John

Place Issued: Williamsburg

Issuing Press: William Parks

Description: 22+ pgs. [evidently 36 pgs. total]


"Calculated for the latitude of 38 degrees, and fitted to a meridian of 75 degrees west from the metropolis of Great Britain. By John Warner, philomath. Surveyor of the county of K. George, in Virginia." First almanac produced in Virginia. Not in Drake, Almanacs of the United States. Only known copy, held by the John Carter Brown Library lacks all after page 22, but was apparently 36 pages in length.

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