Leroy Anderson

    Original editor of Richmond's first successful daily newspaper, The Daily Compiler (1813-15), and so a partner to Philip DuVal (155) and William C. Shields (381), his brother in law.

    J. F. Archibald

    Publisher of a single Episcopalian (Anglican) imprint in Winchester in 1816.

    Thomas Armistead

    Apprentice engraver recorded in York County records in 1752.

    Alexander Armstrong

    Publisher of The Wheeling Repository (1807-08), the first newspaper issued in Ohio County, and later publisher of the Wheeling Compiler (1830) there.

    Henry Ashburn

    Printer and publisher of the American Beacon (1815-36) at Norfolk with the brothers Hamilton (380) and William C. Shields (381); also son-in-law of Leroy Anderson (011).

    Rev. John Asplund

    Publisher of religious tracts issued from presses in Norfolk and Richmond in the 1790s.

    James Ayres

    An employee in the Alexandria bookstore of Peter Cottom (107) & John A. Stewart (402).

    Nathaniel Baldwin

    Publisher of The Potomak Guardian (1798) at Martinsburg with Nathaniel Willis (449).

    Gerard Banks

    Editor and publisher of several Republican journals in Virginia between 1800 and 1820.

    James M. Barbour

    Practical printer and publisher of the short-lived Monongalia Herald in partnership with William Barbour (022), apparently a relative.

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