Winchester 09-03: Republican Constellation

Starting Date: ca. February 12, 1814

Ending Date: ca. March 30, 1816

Publication Frequency: 2/week (Wed, Sat)

Proprietors: Jonathan Foster


Foster held a license to publish the laws of Congress from May 1813 to November 1818; in order to fulfill the resulting demand for space in this paper, at a time when its pages were filled with war news, he increased its pace to twice-weekly in February 1814, though not requiring subscribers to take more than one issue per week. After the war, this approach proved unsustainable, with Foster announcing on March 9, 1816, he would reduce its frequency to weekly "from the first of April to the first of December" every year, and then resume its twice-weekly pace "from that date to the first of April," matching the sessions of Congress; but on November 30, 1816, he announced he would not resume the twice-weekly schedule as originally planned because of a financial incapacity caused by a lack of subscribers for the "second paper" among his now-often-delinquent patrons.

Republican Constellation is part of the Republican Lineage. For detailed information on all the variants in the Republican Lineage, see here.

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