Winchester 02-18: Winchester Virginian

Starting Date: January 1, 1838

Ending Date: mid-July 1840

Publication Frequency: Weekly

Proprietors: Lewis Eichelberger


Lewis Eichelberger (1803-60) acquired the Virginian effective January 1, 1838; with the subsequent departure of printer J.W. Hollis, he retained the services of Edward M. Heist (1818-1900) in that role; in mid-July 1840, Eichelberger transferred control of the paper, though likely not outright ownership, to James H. Carson (1808-84) in apparent attempt to reinvigorate editorial content in that election year.

Winchester Virginian is part of the Winchester Gazette Lineage. For detailed information on all the variants in the Winchester Gazette Lineage, see here.

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