Charlestown 01-01: Charlestown Patriot

Starting Date: By March 1803

Ending Date: after November 12, 1804

Publication Frequency: Weekly?

Proprietors: Unknown


Title established by indirect references; no extant copies known, so paper's proprietors unknown. Paper probably printed by William Brown (058), who relocated to Charlestown from Martinsburg in the winter of 1801-02 after Jefferson County was formed. Earliest secondary reference is from Martinsburg's Berkeley and Jefferson Intelligencer of March 18, 1803, so start date above; latest known reference is from Kline's Carlisle [Penn.] Weekly Gazette of November 30, 1804, which reprinted an article from the Patriot's issue of November 12th, so end date here.

Charlestown Patriot is part of the Charlestown Patriot Lineage. For detailed information on all the variants in the Charlestown Patriot Lineage, see here.

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