Norfolk 11-01: The American Beacon and Commercial Diary

Starting Date: August 7, 1815

Ending Date: August 24, 1816

Publication Frequency: Daily (ex. Sunday)

Proprietors: Shields & Shepherd


Shepherd, a printer in the Richmond Compiler office of Shields' brother William, came to Norfolk in April 1815 to join Shields in issuing a similar mercantile paper there. They began publishing a thrice-weekly country edition in January 1816 as simply The American Beacon (LCCN no. 85-025810). In April 1816, Shields & Shepherd made Ashburn, their foreman, a partner in the press office producing the American Beacon.

The American Beacon and Commercial Diary is part of the American Beacon Lineage. For detailed information on all the variants in the American Beacon Lineage, see here.

There are 3 people associated with The American Beacon and Commercial Diary:

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