Alexandria 02-09: Gazette and Alexandria Daily Advertiser

Starting Date: February 4, 1819

Ending Date: October 17, 1821

Publication Frequency: Daily ex. Sunday

Proprietors: Samuel Snowden


With the issue of February 4, 1819, Snowden altered the title of his daily in his continuing effort to appeal to broaden his paper's audience by distancing it from its earlier life as a Federalist organ. Still that effort did not resolve Snowden's recurring financial distress. By the fall of 1819, he had decided to make a clear break legally with his past; he sold his paper and press to Samuel H. Davis, another Alexandria printer, and closed his business; Davis had "nominal" control of the Gazette for three months (October 1, 1819 to January 4,1820), while Snowden conducted the office as he had before; with the issue of January 5,1820, Davis transferred ownership of the Gazette to a new company owned by Snowden and his family, announcing in an essay therein both his departure and Snowden's return, as well as his part in the legal ruse. Snowden continued on alone until compelled to take on another partner in January 1825.

Gazette and Alexandria Daily Advertiser is part of the Alexandria Gazette Lineage. For detailed information on all the variants in the Alexandria Gazette Lineage, see here.

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