1821.020: Report and Resolutions of Ohio General Assembly on State Sovereignty.

Published: 1821

Full Title: [Report and resolutions of the general assembly of Ohio, received February 6, 1821].

Author: Ohio. General Assembly.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Thomas Ritchie

Description: Unrecorded


No copy known extant; text of communication was printed in the House journal, reporting five resolutions stating: 1) that the states' rights doctrine articulated in Virginia and Kentucky resolutions was political foundation of the union; 2) that federal court prosecutions of state officials enforcing state laws violated 11th amendment of Constitution; 3) that a state has a right to tax private corporations in its territory regardless of incorporating authority; 4) that Bank of the United States was just such a private corporation; and 5) that the Supreme Court was not empowered by Constitution to compromise the sovereignty of the individual states. Entry for this item in Swem recaps these resolutions, in a muddled form, as a supplied title. Thomas Ritchie, the public printer, was ordered on February 7, 1821, to print 250 copies of this report for the use of the Assembly; while Ritchie held an interest in press office of Daniel Trueheart & Samuel Cary at this time, he also regularly subcontracted public work to that of Samuel Shepherd & William Pollard; the absence of evidence for which press he assigned this item, so making him the only person identified with this title.

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