1821.002: Act reducing into one the Several Acts Providing for the Poor.

Published: 1821

Full Title: [An act reducing into one act, the several acts providing for the poor, and declaring who shall be deemed vagrants, passed February 10th, 1819].

Author: Virginia. General Assembly.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Thomas Ritchie

Description: Unrecorded


No copy known extant; the House resolved on January 2, 1821 that the Executive have "a sufficient number of copies" of this act printed in order "to furnish the overseers of the poor of this Commonwealth, each, with one copy." Printing such items was a responsibility of the public printer, then Thomas Ritchie; while Ritchie held an interest in the press office of Daniel Trueheart & Samuel Cary at this time, he also regularly subcontracted public work to that of Samuel Shepherd & William Pollard; the absence of evidence for which press he assigned this item, so making him the only person who can be identified with this title.

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