1819.108: Instructions to the Senators of Virginia in the Congress.

Published: 1819

Full Title: Instructions from the general assembly of Virginia, to James Barbour and to James Pleasants, Junr., senators from Virginia in the congress of the U. S.

Author: Virginia. General Assembly.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Thomas Ritchie

Description: 41 p. 21.5 cm. (8vo).


Only surviving copies are bound in a collection of resolutions adopted by the December 1819 Assembly (1820.027) remonstrating against federal laws, and judicial interpretations thereof, the Assembly deemed to be blatantly unconstitutional; the main trigger for these resolutions was the Supreme Court decision in McCulloch v. Maryland case the preceding March, though the larger concern was the use of the "necessary and proper" clause to undermine the power and sovereignty of the individual states. Here, Barbour and Pleasants were instructed to seek constitutional amendments to limit the use of that clause, and to establish a tribunal independent of the state and federal systems to resolve conflicts between those sytems, rather than rely on the Supreme Court to do so. Thomas Ritchie, the public printer, was ordered on December 22, 1819, to print 250 copies of this report for the use of the Assembly, so the attribution here to the partnership then conducting his press; he was also ordered to produce the collection on February 12, 1820

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