1819.100: Petition seeking Relocation of Princess Anne County Court.

Published: 1819

Full Title: To the honorable Speaker and Members of the Senate and House of Delegates ... petition ... inhabitants of the county of Princess-Anne ...

Author: Sundry Inhabitants of Princess-Anne County.

Place Issued: Norfolk

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 22 cm. x 19 cm. (broadside).


Petitioners asked that the county court be moved from Kempsville, on the northwest corner of the county, to a more central location to the southeast; they also asked to sell the existing court buildings to finance the relocation; petition was received by the House on December 8, 1819, and was sent to a committee, which recommended the move be rejected; the House agreed, but the pressure continued until such a relocation was finally authorized in 1823. Only known copy, held in the state archives at the Library of Virginia, lacks colophon; as no press then existed in Princess Anne (today the city of Virginia Beach), this broadside almost certainly issued from a press in nearby Norfolk; however, with at least two working presses in that town then, the origin of this title cannot be determined without further evidence, so the indeterminacy here.

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