1819.063: Revised Code of the Laws of Virginia (1819).

Published: 1819

Full Title: The revised code of the laws of Virginia: being a collection of all such acts of the General Assembly, of a public and permanent nature, as are now in force; with a general index. To which are prefixed, the Constitution of the United States; the Declaration of rights; and the Constitution of Virginia. Published pursuant to an act of the General Assembly, entitled "An act providing for the re-publication of the laws of this commonwealth," passed March 12, 1819.

Author: Virginia. General Assembly.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Thomas Ritchie

Description: 2 vols. [502 pgs. + 778 pgs. = 1280 pgs. in total]; 23 cm. (8vo).


First codification of Virginia statutes, undertaken as part of a broad revisal of the laws, a process of amending and reenacting all of the acts of Assembly still in effect; the 1816-17 Assembly named a committee for this purpose (Benjamin Watkins Leigh, Spencer Roane, John Coalter, Robert White, and William Brockenbrough), which then reported a set of bills to 1817-18 session; those bills became the basis of revisal adopted by the 1818-19 Assembly, and which make up the content herein. Some copies of the 1000 sets issued after the December 1819 Assembly have an added leaf in first volume after the front matter detailing changes made on January 1, 1820 to act concerning landlords and tenants already in text. Leigh was chair of the committee of revisors, and so shaped the revisal, particularly in employing court-reporters and legal scholars William Waller Hening and William Munford as the secretaries for the project. Ritchie was ordered to produce 4000 copies of this set, 3000 of them required by opening of the 1819 Assembly on December 6th; production proceeded over the course of 1819 (March to December) with Ritchie employing both his own press and that of Shepherd & Pollard; the partnership conducting his office changed in October, with Ritchie and Trueheart replacing Duval as the third member of the firm with Cary; hence the attributions here. Copies held by the Library of Virginia indicate that this work was bound for Ritchie by Frederick A. Mayo.

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