1819.056: Warner's Virginia Almanac for 1820.

Published: 1819

Full Title: Warner's Virginia almanac for the year of our Lord, 1820, being bissextile, or leap year. Calculated by Joshua Sharp.

Author: Sharp, Joshua.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Benjamin Warner

Description: [36 pgs.]; 18 cm. (12mo).


As in preceding years, Warner had this almanac printed in Philadelphia; but structure of the content herein evinces changes to his earlier practice of having essentially identical editions produced for the Virginia and Pennsylvania markets. Here, the heavily illustrated pages – the title page, the anatomy/zodiac page, and the twelve calendar pages – were printed by Lydia Bailey and appeared in several other mid-Atlantic almanacs for 1820 with the individual title pages modified for each edition; the remainder of the text here was produced by the firm of Cusack & Frankish, who printed largely identical content for Warner's almanacs in different typesettings and page arrangements after page 16 in both; that variation included resetting the advertisement for Warner's bookstores on pages 37-48 in both. The printers' colophon seen in this edition is absent from the Philadelphia one, so masking their common origin.

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