1818.072: A View of the Whole Ground.

Published: 1818

Full Title: A view of the whole ground: being the whole correspondence between Mr. John M. M'Carty and General A.T. Mason. District of Columbia….September….1818.

Author: McCarty, John Mason (1795-1852).

Place Issued: Leesburg

Issuing Press: Patrick McIntyre

Description: 38 pgs.; 23 cm. (8vo).


Title page lacks imprint; most authorities ascribe this item to a Washington press, based on the dateline, so losing sight of the origin of both the text and controversy detailed herein. In April 1817, Mason lost a tight congressional election to incumbent Charles Fenton Mercer; Mason challenged the result, charging that Mercer had rigged the vote in Loudoun County by bringing in unqualified voters, so leading to a vituperative exchange between the two men in Leesburg's newspapers, with Mason's side printed in the Genius of Liberty of Samuel B.T. Caldwell, and Mercer's side in The Washingtonian of Patrick McIntyre; both men published edited collections of the exchange (1818.069 & 1818.070) before Mason's focus shifted to McCarty; while both his brother-in-law and a cousin, Mason thought McCarty had cast a vote illegally for Mercer, leading McCarty to assume Mercer's place as Mason's adversary in the pages of McIntyre's Washingtonian; this title reported McCarty's view of his dispute with Mason as of September 1818. As the text herein draws largely on the content seen in the Washingtonian, this item was almost certainly issued by McIntyre as well, so the attribution here, in contrast to its regular ascription to a Washington press. This publication only deepened the conflict between Mason and McCarty; the epistolary conflict led to a duel between the kinsmen in February 1819, resulting in Mason's death.

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