1818.071: Address of Armistead T. Mason on Dispute with John M. McCarty.

Published: 1818

Full Title: To the public. I had hoped, most sincerely hoped, that I was done with newspaper controversies …

Author: Mason, Armistead Thompson (1787-1819).

Place Issued: Leesburg

Issuing Press: Samuel B.T. Caldwell

Description: 1 sheet [2 pgs.]; 46 cm. (broadside, printed recto & verso)


Only known copies are held by the Virginia Historical Society. Sheet lacks colophon; text is a summarization of charges exchanged from November 1817 to May 1818, in Leesburg's two newspapers; Mason published his side in Caldwell's Genius of Liberty, while McCarty published in The Washingtonian of Patrick McIntyre; as this item was Mason's view of the dispute, it is undoubtedly a Caldwell title as well, so the attribution here. The controversy between Mason and McCarty resulted from Mason's loss in congressional election of spring 1817 to incumbent Charles Fenton Mercer; Mason charged that Mercer had rigged the election in Loudon County by bringing in unqualified voters, McCarty among them; that charge impelled McCarty to engage in the newspaper exchange that led to this broadside retort from Mason; eventually, the two challenged each other to a duel over the overt disrespect evinced in their extended exchange, which ended with Mason's death on the Bladensburg, Maryland, dueling ground in February 1819.

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