1817.108: Address of Alexander Smyth to Freeholders of Congressional District 6 (2).

Published: 1817

Full Title: To the electors of the congressional district composed of the counties of Washington, Wythe, Grayson ... : It would be a subject of regret, fellow citizens, should any thing that has been said or written, draw your attention ... Alexander Smyth.

Author: Smyth, Alexander (1765-1830).

Place Issued: Virginia

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 4 pgs.


Evidently Smyth's reply to Address of Benjamin Estill to Freeholders of Congressional District 6 (1817.107), wherein Estill belittled Smyth's performance both in the Assembly and his prior service in the Virginia militia during the War of 1812, where he rose to the rank of brigadier general; the two Assembly delegates were then engaged in a campaign for the congressional seat opened by the retirement of Federalist congressman Daniel Sheffey (1770-1830); Smyth included a letter from William H. Winder of Maryland, dated Washington, February 23, 1817, that commended his military service [p. 3]; in the end, the Republican Smyth defeated the Federalist Estill by a 2-1 margin in the ensuing election and then represented the 6th Virginia Congressional District until 1825, then again from 1827 until his death. Title lacks imprint; during his public career, Smyth employed printers in Richmond, Staunton, and Alexandria, so a definitive attribution here cannot be made without further evidence.

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