1817.103: A New Song on the War with Great Britain.

Published: 1817

Full Title: A new song, on the causes―Beginning―Eevents―End and consequences of the war with Great Britain. Composed by Silas Ballou, of Richmond, New Hampshire. (Tune: "The girl I left behind me.") … Published by Mr. George Hottel.―B.L. Bogan, Printer, Woodstock, Va.

Author: Ballou, Silas (1753-1837).

Place Issued: Woodstock

Issuing Press: Benjamin L. Bogan

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 26 cm. x 23 cm. (broadside, printed in three columns).


Ballou was a well-known poet and lyricist among Universalists in New Hampshire, being part of the family that promoted and led that denomination there; this George Hottel is probably the one who served in one of the Shenandoah County militia units during the War of 1812, as text is patriotic verse extolling American victories in that war. Imprint lacks date; Bogan did not begin printing in Woodstock until early 1817, so title could not have been produced before that date, despite Hummel's suggestion of an 1815 date; as Bogan was a veteran of War of 1812, it seems most likely that he made early acquaintance with another veteran there and used this item to establish the sociopolitical perspective of the new, semi-official press he brought to the county seat; hence the date ascribed here. Only known copy is held by the Library of Virginia; a digital image of this imprint is available through that library's online catalogue.

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