1817.050: Warrock's Virginia Pocket Almanack for 1818 (Mayo).

Published: 1817

Full Title: Warrock's Virginia Pocket Almanack and Farmers' Companion, for the year of our Lord 1818: being the second after bissextile or leap year; and forty-second of American independence. Adapted to the latitude and meridian of Richmond, by David Richardson, of Louisa County, Virginia.

Author: Richardson, David (1787-1871).

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: John Warrock for Frederick A. Mayo

Description: 36 pgs.; 16 cm.


The branded version of two essentially identical almanacs printed by Warrock for 1818; the other is the New Virginia Pocket Almanack for 1818 (1817.049) that he printed for himself; this edition, printed for Richmond bookseller Frederick A. Mayo, is first employing Warrock's name as a brand, as would all of the almanacs Warrock then published for the rest of his life (d. 1858). The only variation between these two editions is in the swapping of "New" with "Warrock's" in title and changes in imprint text; otherwise they are typographically the same. Only known copy, held by the American Antiquarian Society, is not recorded in any standard bibliography, nor has it been filmed by the Early American Imprints Series.

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