1816.080: Ein Schön Pilger Liedlein [A Nice Little Pilgrim's Song].

Published: 1816

Full Title: Ein schon Pilgcr Liedlein. Dies Liedlein hat ein Mann gedichtet ...

Author: ----

Place Issued: Harrisonburg

Issuing Press: Lawrence Wartmann

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 41 cm. x 34 cm. (broadside).


Text presents three song-poems in German; title supplied above is that for first song with its first line; the other two songs were: "Armer Fremdling hier auf Erden [Poor stranger here on earth]" and "Pilgrim bin auch ich auf Erden [Pilgrim I am also on earth]," with an addendum "Schönes Echo, auf die obige Reimen [Beautiful Echo, on the above rhymes]." Sheet evinces Wartmann's adoption of a publication form that was popular and profitable for his former employer, the Henkel Press in New Market: a broadside songster without music.

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