1815.076: Bill to require Sheriffs to take Sense of People regarding a Convention.

Published: 1815

Full Title: [Bill to require sheriffs to take sense of people regarding a convention]

Author: Virginia. General Assembly.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Thomas Ritchie

Description: Unrecorded


No copy known extant; Ritchie was ordered to print 250 copies of this report on December 22, 1815, for the use of the members of the Assembly. Proposed law was way to force consideration of grievances in the counties of west Virginia concerning limited suffrage and unequal representation of the Assembly; it was a broader and faster response to those issues than was a case-by-case consideration of the numerous petitions presented at this Assembly session by western counties. This bill did not pass and the tidewater-dominated Assembly deferred consideration of all such petitions, which led to an extralegal convention of western counties at Staunton in August 1816, one that passed resolutions demanding a state-wide constitutional convention to address these grievances.

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