1815.066: Petition seeking Improvement of Navigation along Roanoke River.

Published: 1815

Full Title: To the honorable the General Assembly ... your petitioners, inhabitants of counties on the Roanoke River, and its waters ...

Author: Inhabitants of Counties Situated on the Roanoke River.

Place Issued: Virginia

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 25 cm. x 20 cm. (broadside).


Petitioners asked for a law authorizing public funds for removing obstructions to navigation of the Roanoke River from the North Carolina border to junction of Staunton and Dan Rivers at the intersection of the orders of Campbell, Halifax and Mecklenburg counties. Only two known copies are in the state archives at Library of Virginia, both dated December 7, 1815, the day received by the House of Delegates, one each from Campbell and Halifax county a week later three counter-petitions were received from residents on the neighboring Banister River, arguing that their water course should be included in the improvements; the Assembly chose to simply incorporate a company to clear the obstructions detailed in this document (Chap. L of Acts of December 1815 Assembly). Sheets lack colophon; area is equidistant from both Lynchburg & Petersburg, suggesting their origin in either place, but a definitive attribution cannot be made from these items alone.

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