1815.029: Johnson & Warner's Almanac for 1816.

Published: 1815

Full Title: Johnson & Warner's Virginia almanac, for the year of our Lord 1816, being bissextile or leap year. Calculated by Joshua Sharp.

Author: Sharp, Joshua.

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Johnson & Warner

Description: [48 pgs.]; 19 cm. (18mo).


As was their usual practice, Johnson & Warner published two variants of this almanac, one for their store in Richmond (this item) and another for their Philadelphia store (Shaw & Shoemaker 51505); both were printed for them on the press of Lydia Bailey in Philadelphia, though the Richmond edition does not carry her imprint on the title page; both editions are essentially identical with the exception that the text following an ornamental bar at the top of p. 41 to the end provides place-specific information for the two locales, detailing the local courts, their officials, and monetary exchanges. These were the last of the Johnson & Warner almanacs, as their partnership was dissolved in March 1816. The entirety of the supplemental text in this edition [p. 17-48] also appears in The Virginia intelligencer for 1815 (1815.030) published by Ariel Works; that title is clearly a collection of Bailey-printed sheets, including these from the Johnson & Warner almanacs for 1816, that were bound together with a Philadelphia-produced map, engraved by William Barker, and issued with a Richmond-printed title page.

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