1815.024: A geographical view of the British possessions in North America.

Published: 1815

Full Title: A geographical view of the British possessions in North America: comprehending Nova Scotia, New-Brunswick, New Britain, North Westland, Upper and Lower Canada. Including the county [i.e., country] to the Frozen Sea on the North, and Pacific Ocean the West. With an appendix containing a concise history of the war, from the commencement to the close. By M. Smith, author of the View of Upper Canada, and British possessions, &c.

Author: Smith, Michael (b. 1776)

Place Issued: Richmond

Issuing Press: Arthur G. Booker & Co.

Description: 270 pgs. + 98 pgs.; 16 cm.


Smith was an itinerant Baptist minister who had taken a land grant in Upper Canada in 1808, but who was then driven from that British territory for his American loyalism at the start of the War of 1812; on arriving in Richmond in 1814, he published an autobiographical account of his escape from Canada through the press of Samuel Pleasants (1814.048); this new work continued that association, as Booker had acquired the Pleasants press after the death of his former employer shortly before this title, dated "Richmond, April 20th, 1815," was issued. This title was an enlargement of an earlier work with the same title, published in Baltimore in 1814 (Shaw & Shoemaker 32800); Booker printed it with a distinct second part ("Appendix") which was offered as a separate imprint (1815.025), so allowing subscribers to Smith's prior issue to add the new material without having to buy the entire new edition. That plan is reported by Smith in an apology to those previous subscribers "that owing to the occurrence of several delays occasioned by the war, only part of the books, printed for subscribers could be obtained" [p. 4] and the addition here was intended to help mitigate the inconvenience. The second part is only element of this work filmed by the Early American Imprints Series.

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