1814.100: Notice of Auction Sale of Land in Mecklenburg County.

Published: 1814

Full Title: 20,000 acres of land for sale. On the 15th of November next at the White Plains, upon the premises, in the county of Patrick, 1 shall proceed to sell 20,000 acres of land to the highest bidder in tracts to suit purchasers … Proposals for the whole estate will be received at any time previous to sale day. by application at my house near the Vineyard. Thomas Wilson, by his attorney in fact, Howell P. Harper. Mecklenburg County, Sept. 9, 1814.

Author: Harper, Howell P., attorney for Thomas Wilson.

Place Issued: Virginia

Issuing Press: Uncertain

Description: 1 sheet [1 pg.]; 20 cm. x 22 cm. (broadside).


Only copy known is held in the broadside collection at the Library of Virginia; a digital image of this item is available on the library's website through its online catalogue. Sheet lacks colophon; as no press operated in Mecklenburg at this time, the title had to issue elsewhere; the most likely source would be nearby Petersburg, however, the text does not present definitive evidence of such an origin, so the indeterminacy reported here.

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